Traveling Ten Kinds of Essential Items

Essential Items for Travel

Traveling Ten Kinds of Essential Items

To travel, or poor tour, or luxury travel, pack is a science, Sometimes took a lot of luggage, finally found what really need has not been taken. Away in addition to safety is to comfort, now introduce travel, the essential items need for travel.

Important Documents for Travel
Important Documents for Travel

No.1 Important Documents.
Away from home most importantly passport, visa, identity cards and driving licenses. The best comes with several copies in case the original is lost when you spend; secondly, cash and credit cards, to the United States is best for some small money to prepare to tip. Then air tickets, train tickets, hotels, and other scheduled transportation and lodging certificates and receipts.

No. 2 Backpacks, luggage.
Backpack must be comfortable and suitable size. Backpack more best bag bag, so that the classification of items. Modern people go out to take a laptop, a woman had to carry skin care, cosmetics and so on, so a bit bigger, pocket bags are more suitable for women. O.M.G bags made of waterproof nylon materials, package has 15 pocket inside, there is a notebook computer bag, outside also has a hidden pocket shoes. Is equipped with adjustable strap on the back of bag, it convenient passenger can fix the package on the handle of the case. Luggage, of course, is a material is solid, light is preferred, can try Samsonite Samsonite tyra hard box bags. It weighs less than 6 pounds, in addition its composite spinning wheel facilitate dragging baggage.

No. 3 Wearing apparel.
Besides must change clothes, had better take a back-up pair of shoes, for a rainy day. In addition, to bring a lightweight raincoat, regardless of rain or snow can be set aside. The long journey in inappropriate clothes will make the long journey of pain. Norway’s friends wrote a jumpsuit, was officially designated travel is the most comfortable jacket. Wear it comfortable and afraid of the “wardrobe malfunction”.

No. 4 Toilet requisites.
Bring your own towels, best mouthwash, cosmetics, prevent bask in water, combs and other toiletries. These small items in more than a bag bag, which can be classified and sanitary and convenient. Jack Georges travelers wash gargle to receive package is very practical, there are two zip compartment, nylon lining and open the pocket.

No.5 Cervical pillow, headphones.
By plane, by train and bus if there is a cervical pillow, will make the trip more comfortable. Can try Comfy Commuter cervical pillow. It is not only comfortable, and it have a side pockets, for ipod, ear plugs, and other small items, it even with a portable bag.

First Aid Kit
First Aid Kit

No. 6 Medicine package/first aid kit.
Away sometimes encounter unpredictable things, it is best to take some basic external use, for medicine, such as pain relievers, carsickness, antidiarrheal, cold medicine, band-aid, disinfectant, sun lotion, etc.
No. 7 necessary bonding.
Travel and medical insurance policy and its hotline, had better have copies. Another is your own country at the local embassy address and telephone number.

No. 8 Mobile phone/mobile charger.
Before going abroad, should ask phone company, if you can connect online to the destination. If not, the destination can buy a local short-term cell phone card. In the mobile phone card remember to notify the family members or friends. Always to keep a effective way of contact with the outside world, it is in trouble when the magic weapon. To keep the link with you clear, cell phone battery is a problem. Can buy a Mophie mobile power supply, its appearance is cabinet and convenient to carry, can fast charge their phone again, its mobile power supply with power more than 60% of cell phone batteries, it is also equipped with a portable key ring, ensure can charge anytime and anywhere.

No. 9 General transform plugs.
The plug socket standards of each country is different. Cannot use took need appliance is found to be very annoying thing, best equipped with a multi-functional conversion plug.

No. 10 Chocolate.
Carry a few bars of chocolate. Tourist areas often changeability, once a dank, chocolate can help provide some heat. Other people with low blood sugar, eat chocolate can increase sugar, let oneself security arrived at the destination.

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