The worst mothers day gift: Australia new policy

The worst mothers day gift: Australia new policy

As we all knowed, mother’ s day should be a great and happy day for mothers. I am also a mother, I know baby’s birth was a exciting and poignant moments,when my baby was born and the moment I heard his crying, I can not control my emotions, tears drop down from my face. I was so excited, as I always look forward his coming,now,it has becoming a reality, you never know the feeling until you have become a real mother.On this special day, the new policy undoubtedly becoming the worst mother’s day gift.

But to mothers’ pride, they will received lots of surprising  and moving from their children, a small gift can always get them to tears. My son also give a big surprise on this special day, I can not believe that he took a photos of spending time with me on the beach and print it as canvas prints, it looks so wonderful, this picture has no doubt record the most amazing moment when we played on the beach.Now I have hanged it on my living room, every time when I look at this large canvas prints I will smile, just like this was happening at the moment. duang duang duang,lasting momeries forever.

Unfortunately, it is reported that about 80000 new mothers in Australia will be lost in full or partial loss of the government’s subsidies paid maternity leave,Finance minister purer (Joe Hockey) announced the new policy was denounced as “the biggest disgrace” for the mother by some government paid maternity leave advisor.that represents the current party government’s great turning on paid maternity leave policy.

This policy was announced on the mothers’ day, it will cause almost half of all new mother can’t full to receive government subsidies after July 2016.Currently, Australia’s new mother can get paid benefits from the enterprise (if the enterprise has a relevant policy) and the government mechanism.The government paid maternity leave policy was introduced by Labour party in 2011,for a family earning less than 150000,mainly provide parenting for 18 weeks minimum wage paid maternity leave.

Joe Hockey expressed that the current policy leads to many Australian mother benefit from enterprise and government.We will stop the behavior, mothers can’t be get paid maternity leave benefits from the hand of the enterprises and taxpayers. He said the new policy will help government save ten billion yuan in four years. but we don’t know how many people are affected.

Anyway, this is a bad news for 2015 mothers’ day, but mothers should keep good mood, and children should try your best to make your mother happy, show mums that you love her. To go shopping with them, or give them a special gift, such as photo on canvas,a pink carnation,clothes,maquillage. And take more photo of the amazing moment you spending with your mother,then make them as big canvas photo prints should be a best gift idea for mother’s day.



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