Teach you how to use the both effect

Teach you how to use the both effect

Teach you how to use the both effect

There are many beginners photography friends. It will be made out to the monocular camera both effects to capture the hearts, nz canvas prints and then at all, cleared Jin Choi to pursue that dream of a large aperture in both effect. However, if the Bokeh is everything? At any time, we should also become Bokeh effect photographing the most important thing? Let us talk about.

Okeh usefulness
Okeh under the large aperture lens. Many people are fascinated by it. However, what is the meaning behind the Bokeh? Possible, first, it is to highlight the body. cheap canvas prints put it behind objects fade into the screen. Second, increase the sense of the picture, our eye system, too, want to know when our eyes to focus on an object being followed by something other places, the screen will be in the visual lay out fade out, or It is deleted. Similarly, the use of paste out Bokeh background approach, we focus on the principles of eyes on the photo, not only highlight the focal part of the same picture can also increase the level of sense, like painting, like former ( different landscapes, structured in) later.

That, when to use?
You may ask. When to make good use of both? According to the above focus, rectangle shape of photos on canvas the main highlight is to take the time, you can utilize Bokeh to bring to your advantage.
▲ Happens to use Bokeh, you can put the honey bee focusing screen other unnecessary things, everything is forgotten.
▲ Our focus is on the first lamp above, this is the right amount of Bokeh can increase layering photos, adding three-dimensional, but can also put photos of the body significantly.
That, when not in use?
He said the circumstances of the use. Also should not be used when the talk. Okeh is charming. Can be the main highlight, however, not every situation can be also applied. One obvious example is shoot landscape when the entire screen is your body time.

▲ Shoot buildings, but in front of the building, and there is a background behind the slightest inseparable relationship, is an indispensable element of the screen, so at this time, you should not use a large aperture manufacture Bokeh, blurred background.

Appropriate adjustment of Bokeh
Large aperture both background would completely lay off, but the right amount of both background can be blurred less degree, yet the background significance. Appropriate adjustments to the aperture both. You can put the photo looks more interesting.
▲ This photo moderates fuzzy, but did not lay off the entire background. First, the foreground and background can be linked together; Second. Readers will be photo background (place) to have a deeper understanding; Third, moderately blurred also be able to photograph the topic (watercress) stands out.

▲ This photo there is the one who guides to Liza, however, we must not take advantage of large aperture both put behind everything laid off. Because she is a guide, of course, the introduction of customs and landscape behind her, the appropriate background left, the subject and background are connected, a picture story to be in a position to complete, prioritize, and then interconnected.
Summary: to see the depth of field shooting conditions apply
To a small summary of the purpose of this article, in fact, to bring out a message is this: a large aperture is secondary, but not absolute. However, in appropriate cases, take advantage of the depth of field and the interaction between the pictures, when deep, while shallow, according to different needs make good use of both, will bring out some very good results.
We will try it today!

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