How to take a picture with temperature

How to take a picture with temperature

How to take a picture with temperature

Are may be a sign of relationship, let I always feel oneself is an extremely sensitive to the bones. From a technical level is hard to explain how to shoot a photo has a temperature, you see the moment you feel from the viewfinder is emotion, it is emotional, can say is your instinct pursuit and longing.

Remember the story of two children arguing, and one hundred people in the heart to give the same picture will be different, because the photography can express a lot of content, environment, her what had happened, her heart, her feeling, and so on, this is the charm of photography.

Your relationship with the photographed also decided to photo success or failure, learn to equal Angle was made of get along with you. I often pass by chance to meet different jobs, race, and age, first learn to live with and then take photos, in fact more than taking pictures for them, and chat with them also can harvest a lot. How often questioned my photos, I used to shoot every time is less, more is used to do follow the previous work.

Photography is more we need to follow the rules and break the rules. Learn to use their own Angle of view to take photos, are you moved by how to find stories. I was in the third to friends, a very literary name, about the world of love, maybe in my eyes go anywhere as long as there is love can take such a photo, the background can be replaced with ice forest of snow-capped mountains, stand tall tower, can even switch to silent forest, can be to made into a photo has a temperature.

Remember two years ago, I went to the color of the Buddhist, found the yogi to outsiders seem to feel somewhat disturbed, I decided to go for the second time will not be at that time, then go to the Myanmar has deep attachment to the land, after returning from the gas occasions of photograph taken when you don't fit you, you were with a mentality of how to is very important, feel out the difference between Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism feel similarly used in photography, a person will not suitable for taking pictures of all the subjects, find your favorite, the less utilitarian heart can take a photo with temperature.

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