Self-regulatory guidelines Catastrophe Press Photo

Self-regulatory guidelines Catastrophe Press Photo

Self-regulatory guidelines Catastrophe Press Photo

Hamburg, Germany, canvas print nz from 1842 began to fire ruins pictures, photojournalism and has been in the name of disaster theme dealings. Theme shoot often unpredictable or irresistible natural disasters, because of its major themes, strong impact, visual image, especially to attract readers attention; it can reach the political, economic, social, all areas of life, has become the world's enduring focus on the greatest impact on photojournalism contest Jose.

 But the disastrous news photo coverage there is many drawbacks. First, the spread of catastrophic news photo coverage, there is a significant negative social impact; Second, the disastrous news photo coverage of the editorial, canvas prints auckland published in easily cause victims and their relatives a new round of damage; again, in disaster photo coverage of news, once the concrete reality and truth cannot be unified overall, appear one-sided report on the overall situation of disadvantage. These drawbacks can be properly addressed, to some extent, depending on the level of morality photography workers.

 Unlike other catastrophic photography, there is a world news event that is catastrophic events, newsmakers and stakeholders namely victims of catastrophic events. When the photographer received a task of such interviews should be in line with ethical standards of photojournalism, acrylic mounted prints do the following steps to measure regulate his conduct.

    First, the photographer should appear in due course, and to maintain a certain distance

    In some special places after a catastrophic event, such as the private domain of the victim or the victim's relatives, religious, traditional ceremonial occasions, and the holding of the funeral home where the photographer to be careful to get involved. The following points can be thought as the path photojournalist can occur: First, I expected to shoot images have real news value; secondly, my presence Meets photojournalism ethics; third, if my presence the parties will cause resentment, anger and even hatred.

    If the outcome of thinking is present, then that is a photojournalist from the space should be based on how much is appropriate? Some people think that is the subject matter or were solemn grief of the occasion, the photographer should keep a dignified distance from the subject. Authenticity does not need to follow the news reporters were against the newsmakers forehead shooting, unlimited expansion of personal sorrow, and the audience does not contribute to the understanding of the entire news events. Instead, take a step back to maintain a certain distance, then this could open up a unique perspective of the news, revealing something deeper. As indicated by Todd? Hails shot won the 2006 Pulitzer Prize for feature news photography work 'last funeral.' Hails lens and the subject has to maintain a certain distance, it was that 'a certain distance' so that the dignity of the subject's left, so that readers read out moving, so that works have the award-winning grounds. Such works include the 2008 51st annual contemporary works of Jose eligible hotspot Third Class, and French photographer William Daniels film 'Uganda father caring for children suffering from diarrhea,' and won the annual newsmaker category (story) prize works, Associated Press Israeli photographer Oded Balilty shooting '70th anniversary of the Nanjing massacre' and so on.

    Second, the scene of the news photographer in the face of different situations, you should choose the right shot or not

    1. In a catastrophic event occurring after special occasions can shoot?

    Select the shooting scene typical instant news is reflected in the quality of business photojournalist; the choice to shoot or not shoot, reflecting the photographer's moral standards. Between the shot and not shoot discretion, news photographers play the role of gatekeeper, he faces on the news content of the first choice. Because of the particularity disastrous photography (shooting sometimes it means infringement), photographers cannot not fall detail, shot through the stretch. Therefore, photographers should upgrade their moral standards, ethics when the old rules become self-conscious, you can instantly decide whether or not to shoot.

    2. In the aftermath of a catastrophic event of a crisis is not flat, such as the post-tsunami survivors adrift at sea waiting for rescue. These times can shoot?

    Photographers should be clear, humane humanity is always higher than the value of photojournalism career. Reporters and human first, second and for the reporters. If this time it was relief, you can shoot; if the photographer is alone in this, then rescue responsibility.

Third, the photographer should use the appropriate shooting mode, shooting method

    Shooting is a photojournalist working in the news field in the last and most important part. Faced with different scenes, different ways of shooting the subject, adopted shooting method is quite different, but the basic is the same: [FS: PAGE]

    1. Emphasis on authenticity. Some photographer’s topic to be, part of the whole truth and true unity cannot be achieved, and this is contrary to the behavior of real news. On the 51st of Jose winning American photographer John Moore's work, 'Tony – Bhutto's assassination' with its great news value and a strong sense of the scene of the Year Incident clusters according to the first prize, although the explosion scene is ambiguous, but it did not affect the value of the spread.

    2. Respect your subject.

    Faced with the living, the need to respect; the face of the dead, as well. Faced with mutilated bodies or twisted corpse, it is not taken, unless it has an extraordinary historical significance and newsworthiness. This time, photographers can use some tricks to shoot, as an alternative to the status quo too bloody terror. Such as access to the 48th Jose Best Photojournalism Award for 'tsunami' of the shooting, the photographer Arco? Datta break the convention, only the deceased's arm shot ingested, can be described as originality, making news and the dead dignity correct, worthy of peer learning.

Edit: not one-sided emphasis on visual impact

    Photojournalists include not only photographers, but also image editing. Image editing is a key factor to ensure the re-processing image and the successful completion of the final dissemination of results achieved. Photojournalism photojournalist moral discipline requires not only moral self-discipline, self-discipline also requires moral image editing.

    First, the timely dispatch Photojournalist

    A large part of catastrophic events are unexpected events, not as a detailed picture editor of news planning, but still can be judged, in order, to decide whether to send its correspondent reports. The value orientation of picture editing, the moral level of the whole photographic work is important.

    Second, reasonable screening pictures

    And photojournalist shooting or not thinking similar content, photo editor of choice is reflected in part the quality of the business, that is what most newsworthy photos; another part reflects the moral standards that meet this picture photojournalism ethics, energy cannot be published. Catastrophic coverage in news photography, image editing pictures using ponder moral or not, largely on the image bloody, horror, pain judgment factors.

    Today, the choice of using this picture, a new criterion: 'Is there an alternative to photos; 2 published this picture where the true value; 3 on the audience….'

    The core idea of ​​the picture editor at the publication of such pictures, to be followed are: Be sure to maximize the beneficial transmission of information, and generates minimal damage. If you edit this thought in the dissemination of the industry become the rule, it will not appear as graphic information 'terrorists beheading videos' 'Saddam's hanging video' like on TV, the network rampant phenomenon.

Third, the rational use of pictures

    Images are used too much stress. Kenny was hurt accidentally layout image editing. Kenny shooting on the southern United States as immigrant’s unfortunate life photo won the Pulitzer Prize for close-up photography. Table celebrate, 'Palm Coast Post' to a Kenny spraying champagne the winning photos and a description of his new immigrant families kids clothes ragged winning photographs side by side in the front-page. This makes Kenny guilty harder and harder, I had to resign. This image editing pictures side by side must make the reader a way to contrast two pictures, resulting in the use of others unfortunately Kenny seek personal success illusion?

    Catastrophic coverage in news photography, photo editing should grasp the 'disaster' of the main tone, the rational use of pictures:

    1. In the layout arrangement, the content should be consistent with the same layout of the main tone. Photograph disastrous news and related content should be avoided and entertainment, leisure and other content more relaxed emissions in one version, also off the best layout with the main tone harmony.

    2. in the picture with the use of the parallel or vertical position of the image consistent with the main tone.

    3. Notes with pictures or language messages, Yizhuang not harmonic.

    4. The publication of such a picture layout colors, lines, shading, etc. should be consistent with the main tone. Its color should be cool colors, avoid warm; its lines should calm simplicity, avoid complicated fancy; it should be generous shading a low profile, avoid publicity

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