Photos on canvas

Photos on canvas

Mother is like a cup of tea, especially their homemade modern wall art tea, she said more than "longjing tea" and other rare tea good drink, I can't figure out why. Out of the window, magnolia flower is not open, but the new extraction bud like rising out of the new tea, the green photos to the canvas refreshing colors are the colors in my memory. Yes, online canvas printing australia to the tea plucking season again, after so many years, I still miss that ray of fresh tea is pure and fresh.

Tea in my hometown, but after the mountain there is a significant piece of tea, mum had said that was before the collective canvas wall art ', then dissolved into families. Is this piece of tea trees, photos on canvas write down the childhood song, spring flowers to pick tea, early summer there are wild strawberries, autumn is a paradise for our games, winter snow or, I especially love the tea plucking season the abstract prints in the spring.

Best to invite one or two partners tea plucking, while chatting, the tea picking, finger jumping on a tea tree, select the refreshing green, pure and fresh and I art for sale tea seems to have, of course we are not all day to harvest, are all free time after school. Said just because mom likes drinking tea, especially like to drink tea at home and be have no time to pick, I of course should implement mother print pictures little wish oh, also in this way, I'm still a minor celebrity tea plucking ace!

Always feel that when picking tea mood like the weather, micro embellish micro embellish, black and white canvas, particularly pleasant. I later learned, mother she said she is like the tea plucking mood, she likes in nature that follow one's inclinations, last year to go home, mother also in with my nagging that tea trees, that piece of memory banksy canvas chalin, she said she haven't seen for a long time, should be more beautiful. Away from home for so many years, every qingming festival time, always think of the clear fresh tea fresh, Canvas Effect Options with earthy fragrance in my hometown. I think, my mother every day for tea at large prints for sale in the mood, there must be wandering to her thoughts.Another year to tea plucking, she know, she wandering in thinking of her too!

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