Inkjet canvas

Inkjet canvas

Inkjet canvas

Speaking of Tianjin, not familiar with, not like, canvas prints nz just days staying there for a while. As for why transferred to Tianjin, because a will close to home, maybe there is bad, why not in detail.

Anyway just contact to Tianjin, feel fit, and people, and the city, cheap print photos online nz and breathe. Off the train great canvas lived on the first day in the hotel, the environment still can be a more solid sleep. At the end of November, in the north is just into the cold, the weather is very cold. The second day early in the morning in the alley, near the hotel to eat the hot mouth design canvas north pancakes, taste is very good, to tell the truth, after all, are from the north, it is good to the mouth. The meal over, in the near (to) wait for the bus to devoted to the company. Very not easy to ask for so long, and then packed into the elevator. Went a few people in the elevator, the north face, standard the abstract art of Tianjin, and I stand the stranger, some uncoordinated falls between two stools. Afterwards just know, is to work with colleagues. Into the office, wrong layer of double layer building, the environment is good. But looked a little more seats, to squeeze will be squeezed, is small. The northern heating indoor, feeling is warm, although it's cold outside oil paintings to bear. Wait to go to work, come in, colleagues said hello to all, boss not in company these days, so rare can maybe familiar with the environment.

Started a few days looking for renting the custom prints, due to extreme not familiar with here, to find a few aren't readily available. A young colleague in the office very enthusiastic helps me to ask, also take me to find a place, but the house is too expensive, put away. Behind or on their own, found a place along the metro line, although still need some time to subway station, somehow feels is very suitable, is surrounded by a university town, it feels like when at school, quite like gale printer. One afternoon before the back in the old total, officially moved into my nest in Tianjin is short. Two rooms one hall, another two people to live, I this I live, the environment is good, what all have, is the heating not very awesome, but also need not bear Heart cold. In less than a mile from live canvas prints place where there is a large supermarket, bought a lot of things. Forgot, forgot, finally can start my life. Feel like a pioneer, where have to develop their own lives, at that time, quite a sense of accomplishment.

Winter in Tianjin as well as home, clean a canvass printing sky, and clean the cold. Downright cold make you to understand what is the tip of a sharp, but the more so, the more like this kind of charm in winter. Boss give more fragmented to decorate work, I didn't care about what is good or bad, after all that time what all don't understand. Wait to work for a few days, to find, boss had arranged to give me the order prints in the market, is the weakest in Tianjin, but also on the verge of a great deal of trouble, for I am a fledgling cucumber an egg shaped thing, is to skate, but at that time I also don't realize that in fact this is one I will leave Tianjin behind the fuse). At the time I simply affordable online art thinking, since the weak, it was less, work easily. The time all day traveling in each big market, learn the navigation to find bus lines, he saw almost all over Tianjin downtown core and a few new districts. I am also trying to let himself into this relationship with me is not deep.

Really don't want to write photo canvas people in the company, how to say, just, didn't feel anything inappropriate, stay behind time is long, gradually found that the people here are compared between each other have a mind's eye. Market is so big, have done good, do the poor. Do good head is better, naturally talk confidently, do bad landscape art, acid those who do good, the bait hides the hook to each other, even I the outsiders look clear. But again feel in harmony, and I felt that I am the baby in the baby, helpless landscape posters lonely ah. But these are not I can care about; also can turn a blind eye. Or go out on time every day, come back on time. Hate the most is the meeting, because the meeting will delay my time from work, back and free time is much less. The happiest thing is to head home from work every day to talk on a pot of green beans rice porridge, steamed in a supermarket to buy corn steamed bread, with spicy large landscape prints pickle, a delicious dinner was born. Night is my favorite, the house warm, too far in Sichuan girlfriend on the phone, feeling bitter also can boil down again, in fact, there is no bitter at that time, and is lonely and far away from home.

People get along is the best in the company to do administrative blank canvas elder sister, and a northern looks simple and honest man and a young some new colleague. Others always gloomy not feeling well, I was thinking about him, can place to go. About half a month in Tianjin, was in December, I was responsible for the market out of a small thing, there is a customer bought our being wall art products to return the goods, but for some reason, lead to the customer this side have a great opinion for us, even for journalists to complain to us. I did a lot of work to try to quell the customer emotion, and finally we made concessions, let the matter over. Then a few days with the agents there also appeared some problems, there are a lot of things to happen in the case of I don't understand, let me by surprise, boss, therefore also has a lot to me. Have mercy on me this new recruits an egg shaped thing in the case of no one to help, and so endure, as their growth later must go through art posters. I always said to myself, always in the past, the past will always be…

Its real time work has always been very monotonous, because there also confused how to lay hands on him, and asked the boss, also just give some irrelevant opinions. Behind me is seldom asked. In this period, the company held a meeting in Tianjin, and see the posture is to do big market in Tianjin, that a few days also busy bad to me, do the preparatory meeting modern wall art preparation work, and when a porter, and when the delivery man, all kinds of hard work, also stay up the venue layout. Remember to have a stay up late at night, too hungry, ran to the intersection of KFC, 24 hours a day ate a hamburger and a glass of hot milk, in retrospect, feel that kind of feeling is very sweet, very lonely warmth. Finally fall convention curtain, afterward work also busy. We have a good rest for two days art paintings.

Don't know you spent a month in Tianjin, found himself more and more don't like the environment of the company, between colleagues to get along with is full of intrigues, various calculation, all kinds of eye, my pure heart, fragile here no root, it is difficult to deep. Responsible for the canvas wall art Australia market is difficult to improve. At the time was very disappointed about your work. But what also have no other way, can only live with is day by day. More and more like a day out, estuary metro subway too Yang went down the mountain, in the cold light, take me home. Also like in the large supermarket one pick the breakfast and dinner in the crowd bustling market, buy a kilo like eat gale prints pickle.

The north side of the winter, the leaves fall to the ground, the winter snow flutters, always quiet night, always far away in the early morning. After several days of struggle, finally decided to resign, temporary girlfriend back in canvas for sale city, take a long-term view. On this, tail away in December 11 years. This is my first job; incredibly cold winter in Tianjin came to a close. Aversion to the people here, intrigue. Remember when in university town had simple canvas burger and rice noodle, remember the university oneself a person to live in family hotel, remember subway station in the warm air in the morning, remember to rent the room delicious dinner, remember here I walk every step of the mark.

In early January 2012, I left the company; give you a week's time to end here the abstract canvas. metal photo prints to buy a train ticket that morning, remember also played under a light snow, cold to the bone. Good afternoon sunshine, occasionally go to college there to walk; see the childhood to some popcorn machine, purposely left photo. Put his parcel with 2 parcels, express delivery. The remaining wall print is to settle the rent and the landlord, each a basic useless Jane. On the afternoon of the hit a taxi to the railway station, remember to buy transfer to Zhengzhou. In Tianjin station that night, I don't know when I think of the print to canvas is what, only know that I will not come back here later. Here is a short one month for me, just an easy to forget the dream.

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