How To Save Money


“Take care of the pence and the pounds will take care of  themselves”

In our daily life, almost everything we used need payment, we need pay our new mortgage house, we need to pay for our small car,  the rent room,the utilities,the transportation costs, everything we ate, everything we dress. As if we were born to work hard to pay those and these endless bills. Sometimes, we need to know that saving is other way to gain money. Saving is the beginning of earning. Like many quotes says, “A penny saved is a penny earned”, but most of the time, we would or always make mistakes like “penny wise, pound foolish , that means a extremely wrong consumer attitudes and what we need is “saving for a rainy day“, Since childhood, our parents warned us that the money was not easy to earn, yes ,that is exact correct. We are all well aware of the fact that “Money does not grow on trees”.  Do not be shame for the topic of  how to save money,  that does not mean you are  stingy.

Money saving
A penny saved is a penny earned

Creative tips for how to save money.

  1. Make a budget together for week or month shopping spend sheet.                                                          Hold a family meeting or all families gather together to make a week or month budget , the meeting would allowed that all of us discuss together to make overall the democratic budget plan. Collect  the spend list of last week, check out every cost and remove the extra, unnecessary,only buy the right not the expensive. List all the money you spend through a week will be useful for your make your budget.
  2. Recycling in daily life.                                                                                                                                            Recycle is other way to collect. In our daily life, a piece of newspaper will be discarded once it have been used. In fact , we do not know that the wastepaper can be used as  the best fruit storage bags. The fruit be wrapped in the newspaper one by one, it can keep the fruit well-fresh for a few months. Cut the old T-shirt into several small square pieces , so you do not need to go to the supermarket  to buy the extra dishcloth. speaking of the newspaper, use the half-wet waste newspaper to clean your duty window, that is a economical and practical method for you do not need to buy the extra expensive cleansers while the window could be brightly cleaned.
  3. Saving for utilities.                                                                                                                                                The 21th century promote the novel conservation society. The old prophet  “Saving for a rainy day” , it suggest that we need to do the saving job to earn more. Consistent with the famous saying”frugality is the mother of virture”. For power saving, select only the necessary appliances, chose the energy-efficient necessary appliances. Learn to use the appliances scientifically. For  water saving, select the traditional rotary tap, for month later, you will find out the effect when checking your water neter. When washing vegetables or face, loaded with a container to avoid water always flows.

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