I hope that more photos are made into sculpture

photos are made into sculpture

I hope that more photos are made into sculpture

During a spring Guangzhou Daily published several photos of ordinary soldiers fell asleep standing at the train station to maintain order, canvas prints au not only lead to 'search operations' and moved sculptor Xu Hongfei, he made a quick photo to Four soldiers modeled on the image of the sculpture, and want the finished sculpture can be placed in the Guangzhou Railway Station, the long-term, so that each passenger dealings remember these lovely soldiers (see newspaper March 14 edition of 'an anti- snow photo initiator 'search operations'. '). If you really can achieve, then the image of these soldiers, canvas print bearing in mind that we will be more people across the country during the 2008 Chinese New Year unite the anti-ice disaster relief operations.

Photographs of the characters are made of classical sculpture, canvas Prints ready to hang should be considered American photographer Joe Rosenthal's 'plug Iwo Jima flag' in the six US soldiers later on forever the image of the Washington Arlington Cemetery. I had the privilege of standing before a huge sculpture that respect, see photographers lens freeze the image is permanently set up there for people to pay their last respects, they see the same spirit and the Stars and Stripes flying high in the minds of Americans. Look at those visitors came to this visit, think of sculpture as a prototype photo was also printed on the stamps, made into a movie 'Flags of Our Fathers,' How can we not recollections of a photograph of the influence it?

Coincidentally, in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the victory of the world anti-fascist war on the occasion, the New York Times Square also erected another statue, photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt film 'Victory Kiss' in the Navy, and soldiers instant nurse kissing, also made sculpture off, never have occurred in this place in the classic scene where not only become a nostalgia and memories, but also attracted a lot of interesting activities in recent years, every August 15 (said to be photo shoot day), someone dressed as a photo hero look, shoulder to shoulder with statues kiss.

The reason why there will be willing sculptor in the photo remodeling stereoscopic image into a public place, the reason why some photos can trigger director, painter's inspiration, because the photos reflect events or specific enough to arouse the public's collective memory more, so that everyone can produce emotional resonance. Other art form sculptures, paintings and other works of photography copy image, but also to the image of vitality wider continue.

Photography as a medium of expression with other records or do not have the characteristics. Since the creative artist can shoot with a camera, since the sculptor can make a large sculpture based on the photo, it is entirely reasonable for the photographers in their own work and pride. You know, even if the US Las Vegas for a hotel in front of the back nine beautiful girl statues, also have photographic evidence of.

I hope that more photos are made sculpture, fundamentally speaking, is to classic photography can be moved more public, become our common wealth.

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