Global Save Money Strategy

Global Save Money Strategy for better bargain. Last week, we have got to know that Australia has been selected as the most expensive country, it is a great challenge for us to live in this beautiful country. If we have a not very good salary, just take actions to do a well saving work. Here we draw a probable money saving strategy for Global traveling and gain more funny common senses.The world’s most expensive living expenses city followed by Singapore, Paris, Oslo and Zurich, Sydney and Melbourne, Australia were ranked fifth and eighth, while living in Mumbai, Karachi, New Delhi is the cheapest.

Lowest cost of  living

Lowest cost of living

  • For Global gourmet, McDonald’s Big Mac was cheapest in Ukraine, only cost 1.2 dollars. A quarter of the price of New York.
  • If you want to enjoy more beer but still the cheapest price, then by traveling to the Johannesburg in South Africa, 1.82 dollars for 500ml beer will satisfy you most.
  • If traveling to the Kuala Lumpur, do not miss the cheapest 2 liters of Coke, you will surely enjoy the big deal.
  • While we promote quit smoking but the fact is that ,smokers in Jakarta, Manila and Moscow would be more happy, a pack of Marlboro cigarettes priced at only 12% of New York, if you consider the same Marlboro cigarettes in Australia, do not think about it,  or considering to quit it.
  • For Global travel,Kuala Lumpur’s Five Star hotels are the most economical, the average price of $ 77, while a five-star hotel room in Sydney up to incomprehensible $ 880 , is about 232% of it in New York . Traveling to India is the cheapest, India is likely to go more expensive in tickets, but when you get there, spending is very cheap. It is said that the daily spending tourists here is the lowest in the world. Glass of beer just $ 1.25, the hotel is $ 10 or cheaper, dinner needs only $ 2, and only a few cents for a cup of tea.

    Enjoy the $1.2 Big Mac in Ukraine

    Enjoy the $1.2 Big Mac in Ukraine

  • L’Oreal cosmetics is cheapest in Thailand, and Swarovski is cheaper in  United States than in Europe.
  • New Delhi and Mumbai, the public transport and taxi is cheapest, followed by Beijing. The cheapest car travel is also in China and India, the mos expensive is in French,  daily cost $ 148.9.
  • Go to the United States to buy the cheapest iphone products and enjoy the big deal, if you want to buy the cheapest Adidas sport shoes, then go to the Brazil , it cost most in France and Germany.
  • For the educational cost, in America,  Pennsylvania Wharton School, Columbia Business School, Chicago Booth School of Business, Harvard Business School tuition occupy the top four, corresponding to the columns of the graduates of these schools are the top five salaries.

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