Emergency First Aid

Emergency first aid

The terrible Germany flight accident, local time on March 24.2015,France Seyne Les Alpes, a Germany wines of A320 airliner crashed, wreckage scattered in the mountains, the plane is completely disintegrated.German wine is the Lufthansa’s low-cost airline,all 150 people on board were killed, including 16 children.At 21:20 on March 1, 2014, a violent terrorist happened in KunMing railway station, Yunnan Provice, and has resulted in 29 deaths and more than 130 injured till 6:00 on March 2, 2014.

Emergency first aid
Emergency first aid useful for today’s life

These accidents does not emphasize the world is dangerous now, prevention is better than cure. If we could gain some emergency first aid tips, may be we would make a better protection. just let’s talk about some emergency tips for daily life emergency accident.

  • An electric shock First Aid. Quickly cut off the power supply and used a insulation to pick open or cut the wires if  you can not find a valve. If there were some one already got electric shock, carried the injured people to the ventilation immediately, untied coat button,belt, if breathing has stopped, do the mouth to mouth resusciation or send the people to a nearby hospital for treatment.
  • Food poisoning First Aid. Take 1 tablespoon of salt dose  with soup,  use the chopsticks to irritate the throat, repeated vomiting. Neutralizing detoxification: oral the egg white, milk. For alkaline poison, oral vinegar, orange juice. For metal or plant toxins, tea can be served immediately.
  • Various flight crash omen you must know before.                                                                                           Body bumps,  a sharp decline in aircraft, smoke appear  in the cabin,  smoke appeared extravehicular, engine shutdown,  A loud noise when flying at high altitude, cabin full of dusty.                                                                                                                             

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