Dare to capture color 4 tips to teach you how to control the light

teach you how to control the light

Dare to capture color 4 tips to teach you how to control the light
Taking the time to experiment is one of the best ways to enhance your photographic skills. When you try new ideas, photo canvas prints maybe you will feel discouraged, but it does not matter, as long as you are prepared to take the time to delve into it, it will certainly be improved. For example, take a moment to try the colors in the photos.

The following four small cheats can apply:

1. Pay attention to all the colors in the photo, where to order a canvas print whether it's moderation or daring

Finding a beautiful, bright theme may be the easiest part of capturing bold colors. To take eye-catching photos with eye-catching colors, you need to know all the colors in the image. Although only the brightest colors attract your attention for the first time, the surrounding (neutral) color is actually setting off. They help to support courageous colors, like a painted frame.
2. Use smart lighting

Lighting has always been an important factor in photography, and you have to know when to use what kind of light. When you use a bold color in a photo, the light you need cannot take away the viewer's attention. It should not be too overpowering, the light is indirect or even repressive.

For instance, flower photography. When a gloomy day, an experienced photographer will come to the garden to take pictures, because the strong light will lead to colouring reflection or distortion, so no strong sun flowers will look better. Soft lighting makes their colors really 'popular. '

3. Use a polarizing filter

You cannot always be so clever to take pictures when the light is good. The horrible light should not stop you from taking great photos, for daring colors you need a polarizing filter. A polarizing filter is usually used to reduce glare, but you can also use to enhance the color.

Adjust the aperture

If you do here not have a polarizing filter, try lowering your ISO, which will make your camera less sensitive to light, which will give you the same effect.
No matter what technique you use, remember that capturing and emphasizing colors will change the mood of your photos. For example, fall foliage may have a warm or melancholic appearance that depends on the intense color of Chengdu. Bright yellow and red can create a cozy feeling, glass photo prints and those brown color will make the image more melancholy feeling.

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