Daily Life Tips


Daily life tips, refers to the knowledges and experiences that people summed up in their daily life. Do you know how to maintain a fresh flower for several days? or once you have beaten by the mosquito, how to antipruritic?when small dust entering your eyes, how to kick it out? rub youur eyes hardly or wipe your eyes with paper? No, that were completely wrong.We humanbeings have been definited as  the advanced and mental well-developed “animals” in the world, because we could think about the situation and take reactions. Here we account and summerized a small group funny and useful little life tricks.

  • For small dust entering your eyes, just close your eyes and cough a few times, the dust will come out by itself, be careful, rub your eyes hardly is a wrong and harmful way.
  • To maintain the fresh flower for several days, just drops a few alcohol in the water in vase.
  • Little life trick for mouth ulcers, Smear  the mouth ulcers affected part with Vitamin C, and the mouth ulcers will be treated soon.
  • For the stubborn tea stains on the  bottom of the cup, wash the cup with any types toothpaste , and your cup will get rid of  tea stains.
  • How to deal with the hot spicy chili, drink cold water or soup immediately? no, that is too slow to serve it, the correct way is opening your mouth and put a pinch of salt in, containing a few minutes,and then, spit it out and gargle.
  • Your parts of skin was burned, it is very painful, just smear a little toothpaste, and the bleeding pain would stop immediately.
  • when you use the eye drops, open your mouth slightly, the eyes will not blink constantly.

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