Daily life tips Part2


Daily life tips Part2

To create a better, easier, wiser life, we built  this site to  collect the daily life tips and ideas for our millions of readers everyday. Including the fitness tips, and tricks for home,household,traveling and tips for everything you concerned in your life. Just do not stay with the wrong habit or throw the old fashion away. Let’s learn something new about our full life and try  to make your life easier.

  • Clean tricks for face.                                                                                                                                           When you wash your face , wipe  some fine salt  on both side of the nose , rubbing the nose gently, then rinse the face, you wil find that blackheads and acne will be cleaned, the pores have become smaller.
  •  After bitten by the boresome mosquito.                                                                                                              After the boring mosquito bites, do not  scratch the affected part, just  coats some soap on the wound, and the wound will not itch.
  • If the throat, gum inflammation.                                                                                                                               Cut the watermelon into pieces, dipped with a little soft salt and eat at night, it will be useful for inflammation.
  • Tear the firm label in our new buy glass product.                                                                                              Find out your hair dryer and blowing against the label a few minutes, and you can easily peel off the label.
  • Tips to save luggage space.                                                                                                                                    When it comes to the tourism, we girls always troubled with our luggage, as if several boxes are still not enough to pack our dress. just try to fold your every pieces clothes into a roll, and it will save more space.
  • Do not eat the food without shelf life  or out of shelf life.
  • Do not eat to many sweets, it is harmful to the teeth.


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