Some creative ideas for rainy days shooting

Some creative ideas for rainy days shooting

Some creative ideas for rainy days shooting

Many people think that only on sunny days can make good photographs, canvas prints online australia and they do not have interest in overcast weather. But any weather can take pictures of the different subjects, often harsh environment can test more photographers,originality and novelty design of photos. Looked at next week's weather forecast, days of cloudy, rain over the weekend, don't miss love photography friend were about to try a variety of opportunities.

  1. Rain splash

At the instant of the rain splashed down on the ground by pressing the shutter, cheap canvas prints australia often is a capture process. Lower first shooting Angle, the best seat down or close to the ground; The shutter speed is higher, at the instant of the raindrops splashing take clear picture. Process may take a long time, because the instantaneous images may not be the United States, many delegates to draw the most beautiful scene. Splashing water looks like a crown, shadow of friends most of the time is build scene at home props, lighting, and few rainy days out of picture. Filming technology and the principle is the same, is just bad scenario selection, environmental factors influence is too big, can be a slice chance is low.

Use equipment had better choose shoot higher SLR cameras, such as the Canon EOS 80 d, 7 per shoot will grab clear picture. The Canon EOS 80 d is equipped with 6 DIGIC digital image processor and effective pixels around 24.2 million CMOS image sensor complement each other to promote quality. Camera using the newly developed cross af 45 points, compared with the parent type automatic focus on quantity, not only on the automatic focus performance also have a big improvement. The use of new technology and improving the performance of the EOS 80 d achieves a high fusion, to improve the ability to capture of your subject.

In low water splashing, 80 d is also very suitable. EOS 80 d is equipped with rotating LCD monitors, easier to take unconventional Angle such as, high Angle and low Angle. Vertical direction can rotate 270 ° 180 ° (forward, backward, about 90 °), horizontal direction of the open can rotate 175 °. So either shoot focusing performance or portable operation, are very suitable for shooting needs.

  1. the rain mark

Filming rain has two ways, one is taken of the rain outside the window glass; 2 it is filming falling rain on the plant. Filming of raindrops on the glass we can adopt the method of shallow depth of field, focus on the raindrops, glass and background blur. If bad focus, also can choose manual focus. Had better choose the window color bright place, also be able to get color effect after such background blur, less bleak drab. Usually are the obvious of raindrops on the window, so distance is limited, the telephoto lens is less suitable for, try to choose a wide-angle zoom lens focal length or standards.

  1. Residual rain

Shooting plants falling raindrop is best to wait for the calm after the storm, after the rain just stopped, and then use a macro lens shooting. Shooting skills such as macro photography skills of plants, but fell rain of flowers more beautiful. Sometimes raindrops will reflection on the plant's shadow, very cute.

(4)  Rainy day portrait

Patter light rain is a portrait of the best time, heavy rain only hurried people, devoid of beauty. Many rainy days complex people like the name of an umbrella walking in the rain, especially in the evening, drizzle with street lamp decoration lamp, is another kind of feeling, the whole picture also appears to aesthetic. If you want to let the people, you need to "wait", people walking in the rain, in the lamplight, particularly mood. Portrait lens telephoto or telephoto zoom lens, in the distance to capture the zoom lens is more conducive to adjust the distance, the use of more freely.

  1. Shooting reflection

Shooting on a rainy day reflection is relatively rare, higher degree of difficulty of the shooting angle. First of all, to find a rain beach, it is best to against the background of the surrounding buildings; next to the waiting time, waiting for pedestrians happened to pass by to reflection in the rain beach. Reflection is not so easy to take a successful, photos to canvas also test shooting patience, but as long as the success of filming a, anything worthwhile.

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