Canvas printing factory

Canvas printing factory

When children I and a call every day of the month chardonnay canvas printers' classmates all the way to school, chardonnay is a beautiful and clever girl; She a head of black hair, white skin pink cheeks, fine eyebrow eye, thin lips slightly upward; Should be a standard being canvas online Oriental beauty. Pity the poor in the 70 s what we all do not understand, also believe that month chardonnay small eyes, not good; Months chardonnay also don't know their own beauty. Simple and monotonous order prints online Australia, hairstyle, even shabby clothing and month chardonnay and naturally shy trivial, canvas factory standing on the guys are so humble. Only a few people with eye noticed on the beauty of chardonnay. Who also dare not say, that is "seal, endowment," the custom prints' stuff, don't copping to blame.

Now I think back on chardonnay was appearance, simply and ancient paintings on the personalised photo canvas as the same fairy! At a time when I do not know anything about these, chardonnay yatter together all day and month, didn't look carefully a chardonnay next month, it's a shame.

In the 80 s, I am studying in a university in south, outside the campus is a large YouCaiDe, rape open printing art, a large golden rape here are green leaves, "look!" Someone is commended. "Good dice again?" I am very dismissing such regrets also said: "at the sight of it (rape) think of bad canvas artwork for sale rapeseed oil, disgusting! Why don't kind of sesame peanut? Here can kind of this!" Oil technology is developed now, rapeseed oil is not bad, and I went to the city center after life, no longer see the rape.

It was an early autumn, I came to this city to live and work, walk on the buttonwood print photos onto canvas on the sidewalk; Looked up, the pure blue sky, white clouds, green phoenix tree leaves. I had to really be very beautiful, but my heart was thinking of his humble home not happy. Now have a suite, and the blue sky white clouds? Many cherished order canvas online, so inadvertently in the past; I cherish our only one thing, that is, and mother together of the time:

Mother has been cranky; the whole family goes to the opinion of mother big. But when she was 55 years old, temper big the, with family members and smiling face every day to send 3 canvas art, I suddenly realize that it's not a good one million head, listen to the old man said, "people die in this way. But it really can't and others say! I treasure every moment, and her mother get along with every hour as much as possible to do something for her, accompany her to chat a little longer. Sure enough, two years later, the mother suddenly death of cerebral hemorrhage, the family is like a bolt from the blue grief, but I much calmer. The canvas art shop filial piety is done, finally to cherish the best value. Regretless life doesn't exist, read the past regret, to cherish everything now.

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