Australia Custom

Australia Custom

I am so proud of the fact that Australia people are the best person to get along with. We all know that the Australians always says” no worries”, I do not know how many times Australians will say “No worries”  per day, because I can not account it,but certainly this is one of the most representative of the australian term, because since the early 17th century, “no worries” has been called australia’s motto. “no worries” stand for the  the characteristicsof Australian culture, including Australians affable, friendly, optimistic sense of humor and frank. See, Australian are like this, they are very easy to talk about with and very passionate. Now, let’s chat about the Australia custom.

The most relaxing Australia life
Australian people are the best to get along with

Australia custom tips

  • Lady First. Australia is a member of the British conmonwealth,the Queen of England is the head of the state. It has follow the British tradition of gentle. If you are invited to a Australian house, you’d better bring a bouquet of flowers to the hostess.
  • Strong sense of time. If you want to meet some one in Australia, you ‘d better make an appointment before and arrive on time.
  • A fixed habit-Go to church on Sunday. The Australian always go to the church on Sunday, listening and prayer. If you need to make an appointment with them, please avoid the Sunday.

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