Apple Prevents Common Diseases

Apple Prevents Common Diseases

As the saying goes, an apple a day, keep the doctor away.Apple is one of our mostly eat fruits, it contains many nutrients which will be of great help to prevent disease.Today we would like to introduce ten nutritional value of apples,and tell you what benefits for people’s health from apple,how to eat to apple will play its best efficacy.

common sense show
common sense show

First,improve immunity and prevent the flu.
Apple has vitamin C which helps concentration of red blood cells, can also stimulates the production of antibodies and white blood cells, and enhance the ability of resistance.As nearly half of vitamin C are distributed on the peel,so if you eat apple,do not remove the peel will be better.
Second,antioxidant and preventing cancer.
The apple peel contains abundant polyphenols antioxidant nutrients Jie skin and triterpene, can prevent free radical damage to cells.Cornell university study found that feed mice eat apple daily,it can reduce the risk of developing breast cancer by 17%.Many people would be worry about the apple peel may has excessive pesticide residual,so we must to scrub apple with the flow of clean water 3 times or more before eating.Or purchase some organic planting apple is also reassuring choice.
Third, antidepressant and improve mood.
Body in production of the happy hormones such as dopamine and adrenaline, vitamin C is one of the important elements.Lack of vitamin can make a person reduce resistance,can also lead to serious depression.Eat apples or other fruits containing vitamin C, helps to improve mood.By the way,take some picture of apple or other fruit and make them into canvas prints whcih will make you house looks sweet and also improve your mood.
Fourth,maintain intestinal health.
Apple contains rich prandial fibe which can help defecation.Eat a medium-sized apple include peel can provide you with 4.4 grams of fiber.Besides,pectin in apple more than other fruits,eat more help balance of intestinal flora,prevention and treatment of diarrhea
Fifth,reduce cholesterol and prevent coronary heart disease.
Apple pectin and dietary fiber can prevent the intestinal absorption of low density cholesterol (bad cholesterol),protect the heart.Florida state university study found that every day to eat two apples can reduce cholesterol levels by 16%
Sixth,diabetes control.
Apple pectin can help body manufacturing Galacturonic Acid,reduce the body’s need for insulin,and apple belongs to low GI fruit,GI below 60, suitable for people with diabetes eat,thus control blood sugar.So apple is a good food which keep you healthy.You can not only eat it daily, but also you can take a good picture to print it on acrylic prints to decorate your house.
Seventh,prevention of asthma
A British study found that rink apple juice daily is good for lung health.Children daily drink at least 1 cup appear asthma opportunity is a half lower than 1 months to drink.Eat apples during pregnancy, the baby would also reduce the risk of deeloping asthma.
Eighth,prevent periodontal disease.
Tannins in apple to help prevent gum disease and decompose besmirch,to restore teeth whitening.Crude fiber can sweep away the food scraps in the oral cavity, laborious chewing action also can stimulate saliva secretion,to be clean of natural antibacterial effect.
Nineth,prevent osteoporosis.
French agricultural institute of technology study found a species unique to apple yellow ketone compound root bark glycosides (Phloridzin) and microelement Boron (Boron) helps to strengthen the bone density, reduce the risk of menopausal women suffer from osteoporosis.
Tenth,improve the premenstrual syndrome
Research of apple plant estrogen (Phytoestrogen) helps prevent estrogen disorder caused by hemorrhage or menstrual cramps.Apple contains rich potassium which can neutralize the body of sodium (salt), improve edema.

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