7 small creative photography tips phone

7 small creative photography tips phone

7 small creative photography tips phone

When we talk about mobile phone photography, print on canvas nz many people first think may be the self-timer, small fresh, many are left over from the card machine play, but in fact now the phone is much more compact than the smart card machine, as long as the Dodo brains can think of a lot of Trolltech play. Photographer Richard Schabetsberger combined with his experience shared seven mobile phone photography new ways to make your photos instantly creative full grid, in a pile of ordinary photograph emerged as the visual focal point of everyone.

1. Tied hydrogen / helium balloon aerial
A hydrogen / helium balloon, a stout fishing line, cheap canvas prints nz which should be the most expensive aerial device, you can choose the video, or you can let the phone interval shooting. Saying this line to do the self-timer lever was quite thin.

2. Sunglasses filter
Sunglasses is a suitable color filters, if your sunglasses or gradient is even better, panaroma photo on aluminum shoot scenery but also when the graduated filter used.

3. Simulation and cardboard pinhole camera
To play a pinhole photography does not have to do, and got opaque cardboard, poke a small hole in the top entity will be able to make a pinhole camera filters, cell phone camera when shooting the stick in the past, full of pinholes wind Do you have? (However, there is nothing with X)

4. Frame the subject box up
Do you feel Instagram photo frame grand feeling? Instead of using software to do a fake, it is best to use in the real world object frame to frame really want to shoot up. Tips: do with waste film Polaroid photo frame.

5. Make a small planet effect
There are already a lot of 'small planet' App, visual effect is substantially more than the fish eye fish eye, so that the foot of the landscape into a minor planet.

6. Shooting High Key Portrait
When shooting portraits selected a solid background, so that the camera overexposure. Do not request what's the use, erotic photographer Terry Richardson is so shot.

7. Let your phone screen into a part of the body
The mobile phone screen with Lianpan comparable, it is best to put it into a part of the body, but the screen content is best replaced by fun images, such as the above picture.

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