6 right skills you cannot help but know

6 right skills you cannot help but know My dream is very simple, canvas online australia to bring a favorite person, collapse a camera, or on foot, or driving. Go to a strange environment

6 right skills you cannot help but know

My dream is very simple, canvas online australia to bring a favorite person, collapse a camera, or on foot, or driving.
Go to a strange environment, meet some people who have not met, see there or interesting, or boring scenery. Observe each ray of light from the viewfinder.
The sun is your lighting Division, cheap canvas prints standing on a different point on Earth, at different times, different seasons, you feel the nature of the light will be different. Pre-judge the ambient light scene in advance, observe the characteristics of the ambient light, and grasp the subtle characteristics of the shooting destination. For example, it is in a certain period of time the degree of tilt, can bring about what kind of color and texture, so as to specific shooting needs to choose travel time.
As one of the chief editors of Light aesthetics, Teacher Zhao Jia talks about the art of using light.
Time Raiders
Came to a mysterious place, first check the recent local sunrise and sunset by mobile phone, glass prints is very important. Both for travelers and photographers, sunrise and sunset are all valuable shooting time, and even when the destination is boring, the two time periods often give the color a magical look.
When shooting the sunrise, the sunrise time you inquired about is when the sun is reduced from the horizon. If this happens, you have missed the best time to shoot. Basing on our experience, aside from the time on the road, you should reserve at least 20 minutes from the hotel to your pre-determined photographing point. 20 minutes for setting up a tripod, adjust the camera settings, choose the elementary angle enough. If want to a very large number of places, we must set aside more time so as not to start early, catch a late set, which is quite crazy.

Shooting Sunsets like sunrise, you also need to clear the sunset in advance. However, sunsets at sunset are longer than those at sunrise, and are suitable for shooting 1-2 hours before sunset and 30 minutes after sunset. During this time period, the sun is relatively low in height, illuminating the ground at a relatively large angle. The details of light and darkness in the environment show a vivid color. In addition, lighting will be turned on in many places in the evening and natural light will be utilized in combination with artificial light. Numerous outstanding urban scenery photos are taken during this time period.

In the high sun position, due to the penetrating light angle, it is not suitable for outdoor photo shoot. But for indoor or forest where vegetation is more, this aperture is very helpful, they will be to protect the brightness of your photos taken.
And at night, if the air is right and there is no visible light pollution, you can try taking pictures of the stars. Restricted to your location is easy to shoot the stars, the location of the Galaxy, the moon's location? This information can be estimated in advance by Google Sky Map, tellurium, make a more professional shooting plan can also use PlanIt, this is a professional star status query software.
Where is the sun?

Shooting time is important. Find the location of the sun is the key to determining the merits of the photo.

Let the sun appear behind

No matter what time period, if you want photos look gorgeous, eye-catching, then please put the sun behind you. Of course, the sun does not mean to let go, so you need to adjust your seat. If you find a very nice shooting angle, the rest is quietly waiting for the sun to reach the best position. To this end, in addition to your estimated shooting time, the rest is to develop a flexible shooting plan.

The sun shine from behind, we often call it 'Shun light' light position, this light position is usually the main source of light film and television flash location, the use of natural light and lighting is also related. If you need to use natural light to take portraits, in fact, you can use the sun as the main source of the shooting. You can control the ultimate light and shadow by adjusting the position of the person and the relative position of the whole environment.

2. Drama senses of side light

Smooth light makes the picture look saturated and rich in detail, but they look a bit 'flat' when took in human cultural or real-life portrait photos. The vivid light feeling created by the sidelight position is a better choice.
What is the sense of drama? In short, there is contrast, whether it is contrast between light and dark, contrast between the subject and the object being photographed. Side of the light is brought to the more strong shadow, at sunrise, sunset mixed with color temperature on the lively contrast.  fun, accidental, and conflict-sensitive gestures on the streets, it's already a great form of travel humanistic photography if the composition is more entertaining.

While photographing the face of a person, the side neutral position can create obvious light and shade changes on the face of the person, which can well show the facial detail texture of the person and highlight the hidden emotions under the expression of the person. This has a tendency to enhance the mood of the entire photo.

Do not be afraid of the sun

Backlight shooting is the use of natural light taboo it? Of course not.

A variety of pure light, backlight is the most difficult to control a. Its light ratio is too large, the camera often stupid in front of it, the camera. Except the background is too exposed, or else, there is no detail in the main body. In the face of such a situation there is only one way to be rescued, is to let light through a medium, so too much light than to be able to look for relief. For example, shooting a building, you can consider moving your shooting position, so that the building just cover the strong sun center, at this time if your camera tolerance is good, the dark histogram not less than exposure, usually in the backlight Under the conditions of shooting still not bad photos.

4 like the cloudy day

Used to see the sun shine, she tired of cloudless, photographers do not want to always be sunny, and then shoot a magnificent scene a hundred times will become boring. Different weather has a lot of things can be shot, even cloudy.
The cloudy day is more like a diffuser over the sun, which eventually scatters a greater percentage of the shadow over the detail of the subject, so the overall contrast is not large. but at the same time maintained a rich subtle contrast. Not only do they have excellent color saturation, they are also extremely easy to post-process.

If the clouds are thicker in the sky, it will be more curious to thicken the layers of the environment, especially if the light changes before the rainstorm or when it rains, which will make the photo even more brilliant. Of course, you'd better bring an umbrella or an assault jacket at this time.

5. Dimensions and light

At low latitudes, the sun has a chance of directly overhead at noon and the light of two hours before and after noon is also a strong peak. As mentioned above, it is better to take some pictures of interior themes at this time. Or bring a reflector or flash to fill light.
If in high latitudes, you are blessed! Because here basically the whole year is oblique light throughout the day, each place is like in a huge studio, there is always a long period of time can be suitable for illuminating the face of people's light, at the same time it will give the picture Special color texture, usually it is biased calm, gloomy, abandoned, but also very characteristic for travel photography, you can greatly increase the time taken outside, take more and better photos.

China's northeast, Russia, Iceland, Greenland, Japan's Hokkaido, Canada are very good shooting place to photograph, if you have no travel destination, you can think about these places.

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